kitchen design trends for 2020 you need to know about

Whether you want to review your current kitchen design or update a tired kitchen cabinet color scheme, any effective kitchen combines many elements: patterns, cabinets, countertops, appliances, tiles, etc. But what is hot in the world of kitchen design?

2020 is the year of the ‘dining kitchen’ where functionality, aesthetics and technology come together to make everyday life a little easier and unify the rest of the home.

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“Regardless of trends, when it comes to kitchen design, people still have the same goals: they want an efficient and comfortable workspace that looks good and is pleasant to cook on. What has changed dramatically, and will continue is doing that’s the amount of technology that we now have at our fingertips, “says Charlie Smallbone, founder of Ledbury Studio. “This not only affects the performance of the materials, but also what we can achieve with the final design.”

Of course, there are some important key themes this year. Storage is, and will continue to be, an important part of kitchen space, especially for smaller kitchens. We’re looking for ways to hide storage, maximize space, and improve user comfort, and we’ll be using corner units more than ever.

There is also a greater focus on sustainability and the need for quality and environmentally friendly furniture, so as consumers we are more aware of the products we buy for our home.

And based on the idea of ​​’anti-kitchen’ (as the experts at Cosentino called it in 2019), the kitchen is still a space to love and appreciate, but a growing number of homeowners want to hide parts of the kitchen. something Scavolini calls “low-key cuisine.”

Daniele Brutto, co-founder of Onestà, explains: “The days of an open kitchen are over, customers now want the kitchen to be fully functional, durable and easy to maintain and work with, while remaining fashionable. A rise in technology in the kitchen has also titled the transition between function and aesthetics. ‘
The ranges of kitchens in shades of black, white, charcoal and even midnight continue to prove to stand the test of time. Monochromatic kitchen color schemes offer a sleek and elegant design that will complement a modern apartment or can be incorporated into a traditional kitchen for the perfect family home.

Houzz notes that black interiors are gaining popularity. Searches for “dark” and “black” interiors first appeared on the most popular list, while searches for “black kitchen” were up 46% year-on-year.
The painted kitchen
Annie Sloan painted kitchen sideboards on emperor silk chalk paint wall and premixed Aubusson blue
The “painted kitchen” is a practical option, offering a modern take on a more traditional look and finish. This is great for emphasizing both furniture and architectural details, and the ever-versatile gray will remain the neutral of the moment, from taupe and light gray to charcoal and slate gray, proving to be the most popular in 2020.

“Bringing new life to kitchen cabinets, painted furniture when combined with authentic raw materials such as marble and concrete will create a long-lasting kitchen environment of a classic nature, but with contemporary finishes,” explains the Brandt Design team.

Pictured: Ready-mixed Aubusson Blue Painted Kitchen Cabinets and Emperors Plaster Wall in 2119314, Annie Sloan

“Flextension” and familiar design
Contemporary kitchen Darga, Caple
Multi-generational living has displaced the single kitchen to fit a future-proof design that accommodates a growing population that lives longer, marries later, and demands more in terms of valuable interior design.

This year there is a focus on bespoke kitchen cabinets that can be adapted to different types of users and applications. According to Brandt Design, it’s not so much about extension, but about “flexible extension.”

‘Flextension’ will create the ultimate in flexible living for you and your family just from the kitchen. The focus here is on built-in seating areas, full-height, low-level storage solutions, and extended breakfast bars or island units that turn into an all-inclusive workstation, with food prep areas and cooking space. . eat and work in the office.

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