Number of Dubai football academies back in action

Some of the best soccer academies in Dubai, including Manchester City, Barcelona and Juventus, have reopened for training after weeks of closure due to COVID-19, while others such as Real Madrid, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United are waiting. that the restrictions are relaxed. players under 12 years of age.

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Manchester City, Barca Academy and Juventus Academy Dubai football schools have already resumed training of players in the 12-18 age group in accordance with the Dubai government approved safety and prevention regulations as well as guidelines issued by the Dubai Sports Council.

Other top academies are waiting for authorities to ease restrictions on players under 12 years of age. The main ones are the Real Madrid Foundation Football Academy, Liverpool Football Academy, Arsenal Soccer School, Manchester United Soccer School and AS Roma Academy.

In the first phase of the reopening of sports facilities in the Emirate of Dubai, the authorities did not allow children under the age of 12 and people over the age of 60 to participate in sports activities at these facilities.
The Dubai Sports Council wishes to support and provide all the means for the success of the sports academy sector, which includes hundreds of official and private academies, which are connected with sports clubs, sports federations and private sports institutions.

These academies offer training and coaching in more than 50 different sports, including soccer, tennis, basketball, karate, cricket, badminton, and squash. The academies are spread throughout the Emirate of Dubai and employ thousands of trainers, technicians, medical staff, fitness and nutrition specialists.

The academies serve a huge and growing number of talented young athletes and play an important role in preparing these talents for future success.

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du Football Champions has launched, in association with the Ministry of Education, “Stay Home, Stay Active with du Football Champions”, an online training program developed by LaLiga coaches to promote the physical fitness and well-being of students in the UAE. while I’m at home

The initiative reflects du’s commitment to serving the community, and especially students, by encouraging them to stay healthy and active while at home. It is also in line with the distance education objectives of the Ministry of Education.

Designed to keep tens of thousands of students engaged and active during their time at home, the du Football Champions online program is designed as school sports sessions, delivered digitally. Sessions are developed and led by experienced LaLiga coaches, who provide students with technical and skills tutoring on fitness and soccer, as well as challenges they can do at home.

The trainings will be published both on the social networks of du Football Champions and those of the Ministry of Education.

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